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Have seamless patterns created

Here's a little talk about the fascinating world of pattern design! Here at Motiv, we have a special love for the small details that make a design add up to a higher unity. And when we talk about pattern design, especially the repeating pattern, it is precisely the details that count.

The magical world of repetition

Imagine a wallpaper where each small pattern slides effortlessly into the next, or a piece of fabric where each design element dances harmoniously side by side with the next. This is where the magic of the repeating pattern really comes into its own. It's not just a technical skill, but an entire art form that can add depth and richness to materials in everything from decor to clothing when done correctly.

Patterns that tell a story

With us, each pattern is carefully crafted with unique motifs that are tailored to each individual client. We ask ourselves questions like: How can a pattern tell a story? How can it represent values and essence? It's these thoughts that drive our design process and help us create designs that really resonate.

Bridge building between the digital and analogue worlds

We love pattern design, but our passion also extends into the digital world. We build a bridge between the analogue and the digital, where our designs not only live on fabrics and wallpapers, but also flourish online. How do we bring a pattern from a physical space to the digital? It's one of the exciting challenges we love to take on!

We hope you will explore more and see how we bring our designs to life, both in the physical and digital worlds, on this website

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