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Grid Pattern

Patterns design for fabric and wallpapers

The art of repeating a motif into a beautiful seamless pattern challenges how the illustration is created and set up.

​​Unique patterns based on your own motif to use for all-over-print

We process the motif so that it works for production in endless webs and is repeated as invisible repeating elements across the fabric or paper web and down the roll in endless patterns. Repetitive patterns are a craft that requires insight and experience. Book a free initial conversation about your idea. Click here

Pattern design is an art form

Patterns create visual narratives and add depth to the materials they adorn. At Motiv, we specialize in the art of creating unique, repetitive patterns that can be repeated flawlessly across fabrics and wallpapers. We are a company rooted not only in the digital marketing world, but also in the universe of pattern design. But what does this art form really entail, and why is a skilled hand and an experienced eye so vital when it comes to designing patterns?

The subtle art of repeating patterns


Designing a flawless repeating pattern requires keen attention to the details of the motif. Each element of the motif must of course be beautiful, but also carefully designed so that it can be repeated across and down the material without visible interruptions or errors. It is an art form that requires both insight and experience, and which we master with finesse. But why is this level of detail so crucial?

Unlimited beauty in seamless patterns

Imagine a beautiful wallpaper where each pattern flows effortlessly into the next, or a fabric where each design element seems to dance harmoniously with the next. This is the result of well-executed pattern design, where the repeating element is so flawlessly integrated that it becomes invisible, creating an infinite visual effect. This is not just a technical skill, but an art form that, when done correctly, can bring a depth and richness to materials used in everything from interior design to clothing.

At Motiv, we carefully design the patterns from unique motifs that are appropriated for each client, creating visually appealing designs that resonate with the viewer. How can a pattern tell a story? How can it reflect the values and essence of the person it represents? These are the questions that drive our design process.

We are not limited to the physical world with our pattern designs. With our roots firmly planted in digital marketing, we build a bridge between the digital and analog worlds, where our designs not only live on fabrics and wallpapers, but also flourish in the digital world. How can a pattern transcend from a physical space to a digital one? How can the visual stories told through patterns also be told effectively online? These are the challenges that we at Motiv take up in, among other things, websites and in our visual communication.

Pattern design is an art form that requires insight, a keen attention to detail, and an ability to see and create beauty in repetition. At Motiv, this is more than a technical skill. It is also a passion that drives the creation of beautiful, resonant designs that express themselves in both the physical and digital worlds. Get in touch with us for a chat. Here.

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