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Restaurant platforms

Why Restaurants Need a Strong Online Presence

Dear Cchefs, Waiters, Receptionists – and Owners

The impressions your guests form begin long before they step inside your restaurant or café. They start with the first click on your website or in your app. Therefore, they need to be both beautiful and functional.

A well-functioning digital platform plays a central role throughout the guest's journey - from the moment they order online, through kitchen preparations, to payment and possibly take-away or delivery. Such a platform should manage table reservations and venue rentals and facilitate the updating of menus, both digitally and in printed format.

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What a Restaurant or Café Needs

Efficiency in Operations
so the platform optimizes your daily operations and the production in the kitchen - from managing table bookings to take-away, creating menus, receiving orders, and booking venues. It contributes to saving both time and resources in most acpects.

Good Online Visibility
so your restaurant can be easily found online by potential guests, increasing the chances of new visits and strengthening your digital footprint.

A Platform That Suits You
so the online platform can be tailored to your unique restaurant or café, reflecting your special brand and meeting both your and your guests' expectations.

Marketing and Branding
so it includes advanced marketing tools that allow you to build a strong brand and create stronger bonds with your customers, including targeted campaigns via emails or in the app.

Secure Payments
so the payment system is reliable and secure. A good restaurant platform ensures a smooth and safe payment process for both you and your guests, strengthening trust and improving the overall customer experience.

Underestimating the importance of a solid platform in the competitive world of gastronomy can weaken growth and success.

With the integrated features in both an app and a website, your restaurant or café can offer a comprehensive and user-friendly digital experience that meets the expectations and needs of modern consumers, while keeping processes in both the kitchen and the restaurant or café under control.

How It Becomes a Reality for Your Restaurant

At Motiv, we offer a comprehensive solution for restaurants that also includes easy access to your restaurant or café via an app, so your guests can easily place their orders. Let's create a dynamic meeting place together that connects guests with chefs, waiters, receptionists – and owners.

Online Table Reservations and Food Ordering
Make it easy for guests to reserve a table or order food via your website or app.

Secure Payment Solutions
Provide your guests with peace of mind with secure and convenient online payment options.

Loyalty Programs
Build loyalty and encourage repeat visits with customized loyalty programs.

Marketing and Analytics
Analyze guests' behavior and tailor your marketing strategies with our advanced tools.

SMS/Email Campaigns and Social Media
Engage your guests with effective and automated marketing campaigns and a strong social media presence.

With Motiv's online platform, you can upgrade your online presence, streamline your operations, and create deeper and more meaningful connections with your guests. Now is the time to bring your restaurant into an era with an online platform perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Features arailable

Here is a description of the services and features the platform can offer:

Online Table Reservations
Make it easy for your guests to reserve a table via your website and a mobile app. This ensures a smooth booking experience, whether your guests prefer desktop or mobile devices.

Receive Food and Drink Orders Online
Offer your customers the ability to place orders for take-away or delivery directly from your website or app. This expands your sales channels and makes it easier for customers to enjoy your dishes from home.

Receive Online Delivery Orders
Allow your customers to place delivery orders via your website or app.

Secure Online Payments
Integrate secure payment methods on your website and app to ensure a safe and efficient payment process for your guests. Receive payments online or as POS (point of sale).

Loyalty Programs and Subscriptions
Offer special benefits and discounts through loyalty programs accessible and manageable via your website and app. This promotes repeat visits and customer loyalty.

Customer Database and Order Management
Use systems to track customers' preferences and past orders, enabling personalized service and recommendations.

Marketing Tools and Analytics
Analyze data from your website and app, as well as your order book, to gain insights into customer behavior for tailoring your marketing campaigns.

SMS and Email Campaigns
Use both your website and app to run automated campaigns that effectively communicate offers and news to your guests.

Integration with Social Media and Online Reviews
Make it easy for your guests to share their experiences and read reviews via both your website and app, which can help build a strong online reputation.

Update Your Social Media Easily
update your social media in a function where the different media are consolidated into one workflow.

Event Management
Offer the option to book and manage events through both your website and app, making it easier for customers to participate in your special events.

Sell Tickets
Enable ticket sales for your events.

Venue Booking
Offer online booking of party venues.

Chat and Automation
Implement chat features in both the app and on the website, so your guests can easily get real-time answers to their questions.

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