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Food online ordering platform


Høeghs Cafe, Odense



Høeghs Cafe in Odense experienced the closure of their online ordering system's app. This caused quite a stir as the cafe appreciated this service to take orders. With short notice of the closure, they faced a challenge in maintaining their order flow.

Fortunately for them, we found a solution that was developed by us. We developed an online ordering platform where customers can again order via an app, but also via the cafe's website. In this way, the order can be made by spectators watching sports in the hall and the order can be ready in the cafe, for example during a break in a match. The transition to this new platform was smooth. The development took just one week. The cafe's customers – including parents and children – will be able to continue to order online and have food delivered to both schools and in the cafe in Dalumhallerne.

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