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Have us build a realiable website with effective and user friendly features for you and of course with a beautiful design. It will be easy to update for the author team in the daily work when the site is alive online.

After many years of using OpenSource CMS systems we now build Wix websites in a universe of high level components that provides speed while construction it and is highly reliable when published. The system offers a a great performance.


Below you will see some of the features available in the Vix CMS system.

Wix website frontpage

- and order additionally advanced features

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Wix website features
  • Wix Online Bookings Platform

  • Wix Ticket & Event Management

  • Take Online Orders

  • Wix Manage Hotel Reservations

  • Complete Solution for Fitness Pros

  • Monetize Your Art & Content

  • Complete Wix eCommerce Platform

  • Secure online payments

  • Plans & recurring payments

  • Customer accounts

Wix website options for pricing plans

Your Wix ebsite can have options to subscribe to a plan.

Your Wix website can have feature to select date and time for the service when booked.

Wix websites advanced option for setting up time and date for booking services
Wix websites advanced option for setting up different booking services

Your Wix website can have feature to scroll and select your services.

A free Wix website version is available as well. It requires that you accept to expose the Wix logo on your site.

Wix website logo

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