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  • Sat, 08 Jun
    08 Jun 2024, 18:30 – 23:50
    Køge, Bag Haverne 1, 4600 Køge, Denmark
    08 Jun 2024, 18:30 – 23:50
    Køge, Bag Haverne 1, 4600 Køge, Denmark
    Tangoforeningen i Køge fejrer den 8. juni 15-års jubilæet med spisning, live orkester, tangounderholdning og chancen for at medlemmer inviterer egne gæster (kræver tilmelding senest 3. juni).
  • Sat, 08 Jun
    08 Jun 2024, 17:00 – 18:30
    Køge, Bag Haverne 1, 4600 Køge, Denmark
    08 Jun 2024, 17:00 – 18:30
    Køge, Bag Haverne 1, 4600 Køge, Denmark
    Workshop by the experienced dance instructor Carina Mele with technique for tango dancers (the workshop takes place in the afternoon before the 15th anniversary party and the milonga), theme is "Walks and sequences of barridas". Price per couple (2 people)

Tickets for tango in Køge

As a sponsor of the Tango Association in Køge, we offer tickets to their events. We are also happy to develop your events.

​At Motiv, we specialize in online platforms and stores. It is both development and design. As well we do digital marketing and, graphic design for websites, books, websites, textile prints, wallpapers, prints, etc..

On this page::

Online platforms & -shops

- design and development

Have us build a realiable website and webshop with effective and user friendly features for you and of course with a beautiful design. It will be easy to update for the author team in the daily work when the site is alive online.

Website Development

Printshop service

- order your print

​Get a unique design that will hit your target group. We make beautiful and effective printed matter and prints for them.

In addition to the design, which we create in collaboration with you, we print via our collaboration with one of Northern Europe's largest printing companies. They manufacture a wide range of products, along with a commitment to environmental protection.

Your print and printing are in safe hands with certainty of delivery time.

Printshop service

A book project

​We take care of everything else while you concentrate in writing!

Stop having texts or illustrations jumping into incorrect positions when editing the design.

We help authors in coding, layout and graphic design of books. We create a beautiful design - easy-to-read, high-quality, using advanced layout features to make changes and corrections easier. Our professional layout makes keywords, footnotes, figure captions, dynamic page headers, cross-references, citations and bibliography much easier.

We support right up to publication and marketing incl. design, preparation of e-book and press/print.

Design a book project

Free pictures
- download free motifs for your design

Make use of it as a background in your graphic design

Free pictures for download

Design services


Design motifs for fabric and wall paper

The art of repeating a motif into a beautiful seamless pattern challenges how the illustration is created and set up. We can do the job.


Design motifs for print onto apparels

To design your unique motif for a professional print on the clothing is a creative task and require deep knowledge about the printing technology. We can do it. See examples.


Design motifs for websites and banners

We do visual communication and - beside developing and desinging entire websites - we design motifs for it as well including gif banner etc.


Free motifs and pictures

Download free images for and use it for graphic artwork, as backgrounds and more.

Design motifs for print on fabrics an wallpapers
Design motifs for print on apprels
Design motifs for websites and digital banners

Free: bachelor and bachelorette and spinster pictures

This Danish tradition has become a passion for us to photograph. When friends tease a 30th birthday boy or girl with giant sculptures in front of the home, they are truly creating masterpieces of art.

Free: Bachelor and spinster picturesF


Shop reading accessories, BookTok products and more. Because we love everything about books, we've collected cool accessories and made them available to you. Have us develop your own webshop. See prices

Webhop for BookTok reading of books
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